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Vivo X100 Series | Vivo X100 Launce Date | Vivo X100 Pro 5g

The good news for mobile users is that Vivo will launch the “Vivo X100 Series” on the 4th of January 2024. The notable mobile of this series is the Vivo X100 Pro 5G. In this article, you will learn about the necessary features of this this series. The new features, price, design, and performance of the Vivo X100 series are announced in this article.

Features of  Vivo X100 Series:

The co-engineer of the this Series is ZEISS. Zeiss is a famous camera and optics manufacturer company. This series of mobiles combines Zeiss’s expertise and the manufacturing capabilities of Vivo to offer users a seamless experience. With the addition of this co-engineering, also this Series has risen to a level of richness and enhanced camera experience.


The camera innovation of the Vivo X100 series is priceless. Vivo introduces the first ZEISS APO-certified telephoto camera in this industry. It intelligently supports ZEISS multifocal portrait capability equipped with multiple professional focal lengths. The smartphones feature a ZEISS Camera with the industry’s largest sensor. This ensures SLR-level image stabilization, providing an enhanced photography experience.

Chips & Processor:

A dual flagship chip powers the Vivo X100 Series, enhancing the smartphone experience. The two chips are Mediatek Dimensity 9300 and vivo V3 Chip. The Dimensity 9300 chip is the only processor that offers gamers swift and comprehensive ray tracing experiences. It ensures a smooth performance at 60 frames per second, setting a benchmark for gaming quality. On the other hand, the V3 chip by Vivo is a noteworthy component that contributes to this device’s overall performance and efficiency.
The anTuTu score of this device is 2212302. The AnTuTu score indicates the speed and capacity of your phone’s memory. So, this series is India’s first smartphone powered by MediaTek Dimensity 9300. Additionally, it boasts an impressive 2,212,302 AnTuTu score.


The phones features an 8T LTPO display, which ensures a smooth and power-efficient viewing experience. Vivo uses advanced Eye Protection Display technology in the device, prioritizing users well. Ensuring an optimal balance between performance and battery life for an enhanced user experience, the Vivo X100 series display is inconceivable with its efficient Power Consumption Control.

Battery & Charging:

The phone has a 5400mAh battery, ensuring prolonged usage without compromise. With the remarkable 100W Dual-Cell FlashCharge technology, this device guarantees quick and efficient power replenishment. The X100 increases user convenience by offering 50W wireless charging support, providing a versatile charging experience for users.


The pricing for the this series (vivo x100 pro 5g & vivo x100 5g)  in India is expected to be at Rs 63,999, with the highest variant getting to a price point of Rs 89,999.

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